Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sree Muthappan

Popular theyyam of kannur
Originally from Kunnathurpaddy (an interior village of Kannur district) and prathistha and daily offerings at PARASSINIKKADAVU (a village in kannur district, Kerala) on the banks of Valapattanam river. Muthappan Vellattam (Theyyam) is performed by a certain community of people. Those who are suffering from Sani dhosham Muthappan's Vellattam performance is the best pariharam. Muthappan is Kankanda daivam for believers . Muthappan theyyam blesses his devotees what ever the religion and cast of the believer. Muthappan vellattom is also performed in houses as an offering.
The MUTHAPPAN VELLATTOM you see below was an offering.


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